Written by yvonne.marrone

Together We Can


August 12, 2021

Contact: Tabitha Lambert,
Guardian ad Litem Circuit Director

Together We Can

Tampa, FL – Seeking someone who can listen, care, be there when they say they will, and speak up for a child. Applicants can be from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and faiths, just like the children in foster care. Guardian ad Litem (GAL) volunteers are needed to be a consistent, caring adult for a child who has been abused, abandoned or neglected, and a few hours a month can make a lifetime of difference.

“Together we can do great things.” Volunteer child advocates will establish a relationship with a child, do some independent research on their behalf, and work in partnership with others to help ensure the child has a chance to grow academically, socially and physically. With approximately 3,000 children in foster care in Hillsborough County alone, there are not enough volunteers for them all.

Our volunteers listen, check in, follow up, hold the system accountable and speak out for a child’s best interests. Faith groups often do the same for their congregations and play a vital role in the safety and well-being of children and families. Providing support, encouragement and care for a foster child will help them become a stronger community member as an adult.

“Especially during 2020, we learned we often need help to survive and thrive,” says Tabitha Lambert, Guardian ad Litem 13th Circuit Director. “Children in foster care need to know there are people who care and want the best for them if they are to thrive.”

The Guardian ad Litem program provides training for volunteers and a team effort to help children in foster care. To learn more, visit www.galtampa.org or call 813-272-5110. Information sessions are available via phone.