Written by yvonne.marrone

September 2019 Newsletter

The Guardian Globe
13th circuit GAL Program
Hello Volunteers!
As a Guardian ad Litem, our role is to advocate for children’s best interests.
Of course, a vital part of that role is being well informed and knowledgeable
about the children and families that we work with. The most important part is
making sure that we are visiting our kids monthly. Without visiting our kids, it’s
nearly impossible to advocate in and outside of the courtroom for the child’s best
interests. Of course, you will recall your initial GAL training where we also talked
about the importance of documenting the visits in Optima!!
Optima was recently updated to include new contact methods, so be sure that you are accurately reflecting how you contacted your child! Now, the contact methods include:
Face to Face (Child Not Present or Child Present), Email, Phone, Written, Text Message, and Video Call (Child Not Present or Child Present). These updates will ensure that we have an accurate record of the contacts you are making throughout your case.  We all know that plans change and things happen, so if something comes up and you are not able to visit your kids, please let your CAM know right away so they can make other arrangements. Visiting our kids is really the best part of the job!

Thank you for all of your help in making sure that we provide excellent advocacy for our kids!