Written by yvonne.marrone

December 2018 Newsletter

Here are some exciting highlights from 2018:

 Increased our total number of volunteer child advocates to 747
 Certified an average of 17 new volunteers per month resulting 192 new volunteer child advocates for           the year
 Represented a total of 3,277 children
 Increased percentage of representation to 74% of children having a GAL
 Received an additional $25,000 in our county budget thanks to Commissioner and GAL Sandy                  Murman
 Created a new website and a new PSA thanks to grants from the Children’s Board and support from          Complete Spectrum
 Created a GAL Packet for all volunteers to use and stay updated
 Implemented new training, in-service, and brown bag lunch topics
 Participated in new marketing strategies to include:
Spirit FM Radio, Television ads, Newspaper ads, Bus Shelter Posters, Bus
Ads, and more!
 Grew to 70 staff members
 Created a Volunteer Liaison position to be available for volunteers
 Established some support groups for volunteers in 3 locations in the county
 Helped 1,025 children find permanency through Adoption, Reunification, or Permanent


December 2018